Locally Amish Crafted Bow Back Chairs

A lot of art goes into the making of a Bow Back chair.  These come in squared bow most often, but a few are available with a smooth round bow.  Most of us think of comfort with bows,  because of the steam bending of not only the bows, but of the spindles and slats.  Those who like to entertain a lot migrate to the warmth and look of bow chairs.

Also our Amish craftsmen can create most bow back chairs in your choice of wood.  If you are looking for a certain type of wood, whether it be oak, cherry, hickory, or maple, then give us a call and we would be more than happy to let you know if it is available in that hardwood.

Amish Made Bent Feather Chair
Bent Feather Chairs
Amish Made Bent Paddle Chair
Bent Paddle Chairs
Amish Made Bow Sheaf Chair
Bow Sheaf Chairs
Amish Made High Arrow Chair
High Arrow Chairs 
Amish Made Deluxe Bent Feather Chair
Deluxe Bent Feather Chairs
Amish Made 9 Spindle Chair
9 Spindle Chairs
Amish Made Bent Feather Chair
Bent Feather Chairs
Amish Made Bow Wheat Chair
Bow Wheat Chairs
Amish Made Feather Back Chair
Feather Back Chairs
Amish Made Paddle Back Chair
Paddle Back Chairs
Amish Made Slot Fiddle Chair
Slot Fiddle Chairs
Amish Made Windsor Chair
Windsor Chairs
Amish Made Deluxe Bent Spindle Chair
Deluxe Bent Spindle Chairs

Amish Made Bent Spindle Chair
Bent Spindle Chair
Amish Made Spindle Chair
Spindle Chair
Amish Made Straight Spindle Chair
Straight Spindle Chair
Amish Made Wheel Fiddle Chair 
Wheel Fiddle Chair