Amish Made Stools

Stools are more popular with the resurgence of expanded counter seating making areas more family friendly.  The craftsman will customize the stool to the height needed for your table or counter.  Most chairs can be crafted into straight or swivel stools, with your choice of leg style.  Standard Stool heights are 24" seat height for counter tops and bistro tables and 30" seat height for pub tables.

We use the memory return swivel on almost all of our stools. The swivel allows the top to spin 90 degrees and then returns the top back to the starting position.  Please let us know if you want the non-memory swivel which allows the top to spin 360 degrees.

Also our craftsmen can create most pieces in your choice of wood.  If you are looking for a certain type of wood, whether it be oak, cherry, hickory, or maple, then give us a call and we would be more than happy to let you know if it is available in that hardwood.  We also now use a wide array of rustic woods in an assortment of distressed levels.

Bayhill Swivel Stool in Oak

Amish crafted oak Saddle swivel stool

Solid Oak Aspen Swivel Stool

Amish Crafted Solid Oak
Aspen Stool in Bistro Height

Solid Oak Artesa Swivel Stool

Amish made Artesa Counter
Height Stool

Amish made Arlington Swivel Stool

Arlington Counter Height
Stool Crafted in Solid Oak

Amish made Austin Counter Stool

Amish Made Austin Bistro Stool
In Solid Oak

Bayhill Stationary Counter Stool

Amish Crafted Beckley
Bistro Stool

Amish Made Brandon Padded
Stool in Oak

Solid Oak Brady Stationary
Counter Stool

Amish Crafted Bradford
Swivel Counter Height Stool

Solid Oak Hardwood
Bradford Bistro Stool

Royal Mission Shaker Style
Bistro Stool

Solid Oak Stationary Benson
Counter Height Chair

Solid Oak Bent Paddle
Swivel Counter Stool

Amish Made Solid Oak
Bent Feather Stool

Bent Feather Swivel Stool
In solid Red Oak

Stationary Bent Paddle Counter
Stool in Red Oak

Amish Custom Made Centennial
Swivel Counter Stool

Solid Red Oak Centennial
Stationary Bistro Stool

Amish Made Solid Oak
Cascade Swivel Stool

Solid Red Oak
Brenckeneridge Stationary Stool

Amish Made Carlisle
Stationary Bistro Stool

Swivel Stool
Brookline Style

Amish Custom Crafted
Cascade Stationary Counter Stool

Solid Oak Caledonia
Swivel Counter Height Stool

Amish Made Caledonia
Stationary Bistro Stool

Amish Crafted Brookfield
Swivel Counter Height Stool

Solid Red Oak
Carlisle Shaker Swivel Stool

Amish Made Brookfield
Stationary Stool

Amish Made Brookline Mission
Shaker Station Bistro Stool

Amish Crafted Breckenridge
Mission Shaker Swivel Stool

Franklin Mission Stationary Stool
with Shaker Legs

Amish Crafted Cobran Mission
Style Stationary Stool

Coby Stationary Stool

Clifton Backless Counter
Stool in Red Oak

Amish Custom Made East
Village Shaker Straight back Stool

Amish Crafted Colbran
Mission Shaker Swivel Stool

Amish Made Copeland
Bistro Height Stool

Amish Made Concord
Stationary Counter Height Stool

Easton Shaker
Swivel Stool

Amish Made Oak
Concord Swivel Stool

Amish Made Easton Shaker
Solid Oak Counter Stool

Amish Made East Village
Shaker Style Swivel Stool

Amish Made Del Ray Swivel
Stool with Padded Upholstered
Seat and Back

Amish Made Econo
Style Counter Stool

Amish Crafted Copeland
Swivel Bistro Stool

Econo Pub Hieght
Swivel Stool

Amish Made Solid Oak
Eddison Bistro Stool

Amish Made Oak Benson
Swivel Stool

Amish Made Brawley
Swivel Stool in Brown Maple

Amish Crafted Brown Maple
Brawley Stationary Stool

Amish Crafted Callahan
Swivel Stool in Maple

Amish Made Solid Maple
Callahan Station Stool

Lacombe Stationary Stool
Crafted in solid Brown Maple

Amish Crafted Lacombe Swivel
Mission Style Stool

Amish Made Linzee Mission
Shaker Stationary Stool

Amish Crafted Linzee Swivel Stool
With Shaker Mission Back and Legs

Amish Made Ramsey
Stationary Stool

Amish Crafted Ramsey
Swivel Stool

Amish Custom Made Adair
Upholstered Stationary Counter Stool

Amish Custom Made Adair
Upholstered Swivel Counter Stool

Amish Made Stationary
Barkley Bistro Stool

Amish Crafted Solid Brown Maple
Barkely Swivel Stool

Amish Made Solid Cherry
Bennett Stationary Stool

Amish Crafted Cherry Bennett
Swivel Counter Height Stool