9 Gun Custom Gun Cabinets

Our locally Amish custom gun cabinets can be made to hold any number of guns that your require.  These are a couple examples of our standard 9 gun custom gun cabinets.  They can be crafted to display your gun or pistol collection any way your current decor requires.

Both of the custom gun cabinets featured on this page are crafted from solid oak and contain touch activated halogen lighting.  They can also be crafted out of walnut, hickory, maple, and cherry and stained to match furniture you have in the room.  They can also be custom crafted with pistol displays in the lower unit as well as additional storage and steel safe in the cabinet.

Custom Cherry Gun Cabinet with Cabinet Base
9 Gun Custom Gun Cabinet
with lower cabinet unit.
Custom Gun Cabinet with Pistol Display Base
Oak Custom Gun Cabinet with
Pistol Display and Drawers