Arthur, IL Amish Made Custom Gun Cabinets
and Gun Safes

We offer horizontal display gun cabinets for your long guns. The horizontal gun racks are available as stand alone cabinets or as portions of larger combined units. This gun  cabinet shows the standard (smooth) plain back in the gun display area, always of finished wood. Bead board backs are available. All of our Gunsafes feature the secure, concealed, steel locking bar to keep inquisitive fingers from removing your firearms.

This gun cabinet is done in a beautiful matte black finish which really accents the in- cabinet lighting. We are able to match your existing furniture, or any other color or stain that you prefer. Painted cabinets are most commonly made in maple, which gives a good strong, smooth finish, but they may be made in any wood to match other existing furniture. Usually, horizontal long gun, Amish crafted gun cabinet also have an extra, long drawer below the long gun area for your miscellaneous items, which can be made lockable or not, depending on your needs, and at the bottom, the namesake, steel gunsafe and concealed drawers.

Locally Amish Custom Made Gun Safe Cabinet Black Painted Wall Mount for 6 Guns

We can help you design your entire library, den or office for a totally custom installation that fits your lifestyle. We can develop plans and drawings with your involvement, or easily work from contractor or designer blueprints or drawings.

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Our Arthur, Illinois Amish made custom gun cabinets and gunsafes are shippable to anywhere in the continental US at very reasonable rates. Please allow and average of 4-5 weeks after design details have been worked out. While the locking bar and polycarbonate shields offer very strong protection against unauthorized access to your firearms, other safe gun storage procedures should be followed. These cabinets and safes are not totally burglar proof, nor do the gun cabinets or the gunsafes provide any fire or flood protection.

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