Locally Amish Crafted End Tables

End Tables are small tables that are placed next to a chair or at the ends of a sofa.  They are found in a most homes and can be used in any room of the house including as nightstands in the bedroom and entry / phone tables next to the entrance. 

The Woodloft and Villa Custom Furniture is proud to off a wide selection of locally Amish custom made end tables. Each end table is handcrafted to your exact specifications.  Pick from styles like Mission, Country, Craftsman, Queen Anne, Shaker, Southern, and many more.  Each piece can also be crafted in Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Walnut, Quarter Sawn, or Maple.

Each end table is crafted right here in the heart of Illinois Amish country in Arthur, IL.  Our craftsmen use only the finest quality hardwood and each drawer is made to your measurements and is dovetailed on all four corners.  Complete your living room and compliment your other furniture with a custom Amish craft end table.

Locally Amish Custom Crafted Victorian Oak paint Dark
Brown Maple Column End Tables
Locally Amish Custom Crafted Oak Prestige End Table
Amish Custom Prestige Oak End Table

Raised Panel End Table with Roping

Shaker Style End Table with Porcelain Pull

Custom Tables and Lamps with Stuffed Pheasants and Quails

Natural Maple Shaker End Table

Oak End Table

Mission Style Rounded End Tables

Amish Made Cherry End Table

Cherry Two Tone End Table

Shaker Oak End Table

Glass Top and Front Cherry End Table

Cherry Stacking End Tables
Cherry Stacking End Tables
Queen Anne Cherry
Stacking End Tables