Amish Custom Crafted Office Furniture

Since you spend so much time working, why not add a little class and enjoy the time spent in your office. Just thinking  about a new desk, bookcases or built-in cabinetry can brighten your time at work by itself. 

We have a large variety of locally custom Amish made flat top desk styles to choose from.  We offer everything from standard flat top desks to large elaborate L-shaped, U-shaped, and large hutch top flat desks.

As for the cream of the crop here in the Illinois Amish country, Roll Top Desks.  We have made hundreds of custom roll top desks over our twenty years here in downtown Arthur, IL.  From standard, old fashioned roll tops to large elaborate computer roll tops, we have made them all.

And conference tables. Our table expertise comes into play in these. We can make conference tables in any size and shape that you can dream up, traditional to contemporary. Our products grace the board rooms of village halls and national corporations throughout the country. We even have one Amish craftsman whose custom chairs fill the Illinois Supreme Court offices. Call us or email us with your needs and let us help you create the heirlooms you dream of.




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