Amish Crafted Custom Gun Cabinets

As a collector of finely crafted firearms, you understand the true beauty and balance of a fine fiream. The flawless scrollwork, tight fitting metalwork and the toolwork that give your collection a special meaning.

As gun collectors ourselves, we understand that part of collecting is showcasing them safely.  We too keep most of our collection safely stored behind fireproof steel. But additionally we keep some prized items closer at hand, where we can enjoy them daily.

In the spirit of gun collection purity, it would, indeed, be a shame to lock them all away in a steel vault for no one to enjoy.

Yet we want our collection to be as secure as possible.

Part of your gun collection at least, deserves to be displayed, and to be seen...and secure.

Our custom gun display cabinetry can provide you the certainty that your collection is secure with multiple layers of protection. Solid wood cabinetry, strong locking doors, break resistant laminated glass, steel reinforced security bars and more. Thru careful attention to detail our gun cabinets are built to be the perfect complement to your investment.

Displayed in secure, top quality woodwork.

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