Amish Custom Crafted Solid Wood Tables

Amish Maple Dining TableWe have made tables for literally thousands of people throughout the last twenty years.  We are convinced that our products are superior to other tables for many different reasons.    

     The number one reason is that we give you, the customer, the choice to get the size and style table you need.  We are a custom furniture shop.  When we say custom, we mean that if you don't see what you like, we will make for you.  This goes from tables to hutches right down to the little shelf that you have always wanted to store your knick knacks on in the den.  

     Secondly, Price. We are also positive our prices on a custom tables will make you wonder why you haven't come to us earlier.   

Amish Red Farmhouse Table     The third reason that puts our tables above others is the finish that we put on every table that we sell.  All our furniture is finished with Resistovar®.  Resistovar®, unlike varnishes, is a catalyzed finish.  That means it is harder than most finishes and protects the wood better than the rest.  Also, instead of just protecting the top layer of the wood, Resistovar® penetrates into the wood giving it deep protection.  It is resistant to water, alcohol, heat, and fingernail polish remover.  That means if you decide to sit at your table for a nice leisurely dinner and you forget that glass of water on the table you don't have to worry about waking up the next day and finding a white ring where you glass was.   It also means that after any meal or before you have guests instead of having to use a special polish to clean the table that you can use a wet rag to clean the table quickly and easily.

     What about color?  We have numerous color blocks on display for you to choose from in our store.  If you don't find the color that matches your other pieces we can mix stains until we get a color that matches exactly.  All we need from you is a sample of the color you want (i.e. a drawer or cabinet door) and our craftsman will mix the colors until we get a perfect match.  That means not settling for a piece just because it is close to the color you need.  It means that you can get the piece you want, made how you want, and the COLOR that you want.

      As for our guarantee?  All of our locally made Amish custom tables are guaranteed by us for a full year.  If anything happens to the table structurally, or whether it be a problem with the finish all you have to do is bring the table to us and we will fix it or replace it at no charge. In reality, we have very few quality problems in the first place.  

Amsih Made Cherry Oval Queen Anne TableYour custom table is not made in a large factory by people that just assemble parts and don't really care about the final product. In our smaller shops around Arthur, usually one man works on your item over the whole process. If anyone else is involved, it usually is a another family member. Because of this personal involvement, our craftsmen stand behind every piece they make and feel that anything that goes wrong with a piece they make reflects badly upon us and them and we will do our best to rectify the problem.

     Check the table link on the left to view some samples of our work to begin the ideas process. We have nowhere near enough room on the hard drive to display every style of table that we make.  If you find a picture of a table style that you like elsewhere, all we need is a copy of it and we can get you a bid within a few days to tell you the price.  This gives you the ability to find the perfect table for YOU that fits YOUR needs and available space.  Once you send the picture to us we will work with our craftsman to get a price.  The craftsman at that point will tell us the price and whether he finds anything that would be questionable structurally with the table (now tell me if any of the furniture warehouses will tell you structural problems and help you fix the problems).  After we get the table price we will give you a call and if you decide the price sounds right, all we ask for is a small deposit and then the manufacturing of your table begins.  Manufacturing time does fluctuate throughout the year and varies from 8 to 14 weeks.  Remember that all of our tables are Amish hand crafted right here in Arthur and not pre-made factory pieces, so some time is needed for your heirloom's creation.

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