Amish Custom Made Tables

Over the last 3 decades The Wood Loft, located in the heart of the Illinois Amish country, has crafted thousands of tables that are still in use around the country.  While there are many different tables that are available and standard sizes and style, a growing number of people have found a need for certain styles, sizes, and woods to fit their location perfectly.  The Wood Loft Amish Custom Furniture specializes in creating the perfect custom table to fit all of your needs.

Your custom table can be Amish handcrafted in your choice of woods, stains, and styles depending on the space and current decor in your room.  You can choose to adapt one of our current styles or create your own custom table style that works for your needs.  We specialize in everything from Mission tables, round tables, oval tables, farmhouse tables, Queen Anne tables, and a hybrid of styles.  All of our custom tables are then made to your size and stained to match your current color scheme.

Page 1 (Mission) - Page 2 (Round) - Page 3 (Oval) - Page 4 (Queen Anne)
Page 5 (Farmhouse) - Page 6 (Custom) - Page 7 (Custom 2)
Page 8 (Custom 3) - Page 9 (Custom Tables 4)

Amish Kensington 4 legged cherry wood table
Cherry Kensington Leg Table
Amish Kensington 4 legged cherry wood table
Close Up of the Kensington Top
Kensington 4 legged cherry wood Amish made table
Kensington Table End View

Plank top table closeup
Amish Butterfly leaf open
Butterfly Leaf opened
Amish bittuerfly leaf closing demo
Butterfly Leaf partially folded
Butterfly self storing leaf
Butterfly Leaf completely folded
butterfly leaf stored
Butterfly Leaf dropped and stored
Grant Amish made table
Custom Grant Table
Amish made table leg pedestal
Grant Table Pedestal closeup
Oak Amish 4 legged pedestal
Grant detailed pedestal view
Grant pedestal side view
Grant trestle table profile
Amish made trestle table
Langston Trestle Table 
Trestle table detail
Langston Trestle Detail 
Mission styled Kensington Amish made table
Kensington Trestle Table 
Amish made Kensington table top shown in oak
Kensington Trestle Table Detail 
Amish made round table
Connor Table 
Amish made round table with 4 legs
Connor table with lazy susan 

Connor Table pedestal detail 
Amish made table - Harris style
Harris Table 
Amish made mission farmhouse table
Mission Farmhouse Table 
Amish made Lavega four legged table
Lavega farmhouse table 
Amish made table leg.
Lavega Leg detail in oak

Lavega Leg detail in oak
Amish made Lavega mission table
Lavega Trestle table with inlays 
Inlay detail on the Lavega Amish made mission pedestal table
Lavega Trestle Table inlay detail 
Herrington Mission Shaker style table Amish made
Herrington Mission Shaker Trestle Table 
Amish made trestle end view
Herrington Trestle End View 
Amish made Mission style table
Armani Shaker Mission Trestle Table 
Armani Amish trestle table end view
Armani End View Detail 
Livingston mission style table
Quarter Sawn Oak Livingston Table 
End view of the Livingston dining table 
Livingston Table End Detail View
Westbrook dining table Amish made
Oak Westbrook Table Closed 
Westbrook dining table with three leaves in place
Westbrook Table with 3 leaves
This Table can be made with 6 leaves 
Christy Amish made fixed leg dining table
Christy Custom Table 
Christy table top opens while legs stay stationary
The Christy table top opens on gears. 
Amish made geared table top slides
Closeup of the Christy Table Gears 
Amish made 4 legged table
End View of the Christy Table 
Bradbury double pedestal oval Amish made table
Bradbury Oval Table 
Oak double pedestal for Bradbury oval tables
Detail shot of the Bradbury Pedestal 
Amish made Douglas farmhouse table
Douglas Mission Farm House Table
with inlays 
Amish crafted inlays in Douglas table top
Detail shot of the
Douglas inlays 
Douglas Mission trestle table
Douglas Mission Trestle Table 
Parkland Amish made trestle table
Parkland Trestle Table 
Parkland Amish made table with farmhouse style legs
Parkland 4 leg farmhouse table 
farmhouse table with custom black tinture finish
Carson farmhouse with black tincture 
Walnut wood table
Walnut Standard Mission Table 
Heritage custom dining table
Heritage Custom Table 
Shaker style custom dining table by Amish craftsmen
Oak Shaker Mission Custom table 
Bradbury single pedestal Amish crafted dining table
Bradbuy Pedestal Custom Table 
Belleville table in two tone finish
Two Tone Painted Belleville Table 
Oak  four legged Amish made farmhouse dining table
Oak Belleville Table 
Tuscan double pedestal oak dining table
Tuscan Double Pedestal table 
Tuscan single pedestal oak dining table - Amish made
Tuscan Single Pedestal Table 
Amish made Douglas Mission dining table
Douglas Mission Table 
Parkland dining table
Parkland Legged Farmhouse Table 
Amish made mission style dining table
Crestline Mission Table 
Trestle mission table
Trestle Mission Table 
Country shaker style dining table
Country Shaker Custom Trestle Table 
Clipped coener double pedestal dining table with mission base.
Mission Double Pedestal Table 
Mission single leg dining table
Old World Mission Single pedestal table 
Shaker leg table with 4 legs
Two tone Shaker Table in Cherry 
Traditional round Amish made table
Traditional Table with lazy susan 
Traditional mission leg dining table
Legged Mission Table 
Square round corners queen anne foot dining table
Queen Anne Double Pedestal
Custom table 
round plain foot Amish crafted dining table
Tuscan Single Pedestal Table 
Westlake dining table
West Lake Legged Table 
Standard single pedestal Amish made dining table
Standard Single Pedestal Table 
Round dining table with 4 legs - Amish made
Modesto Round Table 
Bellingham dining table
Bellingham two Tone Tabl 
Round straight leg table
Parkland Legged Round Table 
Parkland leg table
Parkland Leg Detail 
Amish made french farmhouse corner leg table
 French Farmhouse
Distressed finish on french farmhouse dining table
French Farmhouse Table Detail 
mission dining table
Old Harbor Mission Table 
Old Harbor dining table leg detail
Old Harbor Leg Detail 
Madison tapered leg dining table detail
Madison Leg Farmhouse Table 
Country shaker Amish made trestle dining table
Country Shaker Trestle Table 
Amish ade Markley Trestle style dining table
Markley Trestle Table 
Traditional Amish made single pediestal dining table
Traditional Single Pedestal Table 
Single pedestal dining table shown in maple
Maple Single Pedestal Table 

Parkland Round Table 
Mission double pedestal dining table
Mission Double Pedstal Table 
Madison farmhouse 4 leg table
Madison Farmhouse Table 
Amish made dining table
Heritage farmhouse Table 
Modesto trestle table
Modesto Trestle Table 
Bistro height Amish made dining table shown in maple wood
Barrel Bistro Table 
Clear finish maple wood bistro height Amish made dining table
Maple Barrel Bistro Table 
Legged dining table
Modesto Legged Table 
Amish made French farmhouse table
French Farmhouse Table 
Traditional plain foot Amish made oval dining table
Traditional Double Pedestal Oval Table 
Modesto dining room group
Modesto dining room 
Madison dining room group
Madison dining room 
Belleville dining room group
Bellville dining room set 
Westlake dining room group
Westlake dining room set 
Oak fluted table leg
Fluted Leg Detail 
Maple fluted dining table leg 
Amish made mission dining table pedestal detail
Mission Pedestal Detail 
fluted dining table pedestal detail
Fluted Pedestal Detail 
traditional dining table pedestal in Pub height
Traditional Pub Pedestal Detail 
Madison taopered corner leg dining table detail
Madison Leg Detail 

Fluted Double Pedestal 

Sheaf Spreader Detail 

Fluted Spindle Trestle 

Standard Pedestal 

Claw Feet 

Princess Feet 

Mission Feet 

Fluted Feet 

Fluted Claw Feet